As a full service landscape company, we offer a variety of services beyond the scope of landscape design and construction. We customize flower programs specific to all three of the growing seasons, and even customize your flowering pots with robust winter arrangements. From these personalized flower programs to winter decorating to snow removal, think of Guy Scopelliti Landscape for all your seasonal needs.

Flower Program

Annual flowers provide an abundance of color throughout the growing season. While some flowers thrive in the heat of the summer, the spring and fall can be planted with hardier flowers, such as pansies, mums and ornamental kale. For a nice spring display of flowering bulbs, we will design, layout and plant the bulbs late in the fall.

No size job is too big or too small. Whether you have a couple of small flowerpots by your front door or substantial planting beds, let us bring the wonderful element of color to your landscape. Set up a meeting today to discuss a flower program customized just for you.

Winter Decorating & Arrangements

During the winter season, we offer holiday decorating and winter arrangement services. Our decorating services include installation of lighting, garland, wreath hanging and other special requests. We will bring everything we need, such as lights, cords, clips, etc. We recommend you plan ahead and arrange a meeting sometime in the fall to ensure there is time to achieve the desired effect.

And for those flower pots usually filled with beautiful flowering plants during the growing season, we offer custom winter arrangements consisting of fresh evergreen boughs, colorful berries, and other stems of interest.

Winter Pruning

Proper pruning during a plant’s growing season enhances the beauty and livability of almost any tree or shrub. Pruning, however, does not stop there. Winter pruning is an off-season practice that can be very beneficial during the winter months before new growth begins in spring. Winter provides a time to prune out dead wood, remove older branches to encourage more fresh growth in the spring, and thin out branches or stems to keep the plant maintained at a specific size. Thinning out stems and removal of dead wood during the winter will allow the plant to heal and thrive the next growing season. The additional energy will be directed toward the development of flowers, fruit and remaining branches.

Snow Removal

We offer reliable, full-service snow plowing, salting and shoveling, including every size job from residential driveways and sidewalks to commercial parking lots and roads. We can accommodate any special needs you may have. Whether you have an emergency situation or you just need to get to work on time, we will make sure you can get your car out of the driveway. Temporary services are also available during either quick winter vacations or more extended periods away from your home.

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